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    • Existing Use Studies
    • Master Plans and Feasibility Studies
    • Building Assessments
    • Phasing Plans
    • Site Planning
    • Full Architectural Services for Public Bidding, including Schematic Alternatives and Evaluations, Public Hearings and Community Presentations

    • Construction Documents

    • Construction Administration

    • Post Occupancy Evaluations
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Artwork and Displays
    • Furnishings
    • Space Planning
    • Liturgical Renewal




    Building Types

    • Recreational Facilities
    • Museums, Galleries, & Art Studios
    • Cultural Centers
    • Educational Facilities, including:
    • Elementary Schools
    • High Schools
    • Higher Education Facilities

    • Science Facilities

    • Auditoriums
    • Student Centers
    • Libraries
    • Day Care Centers
    • Fitness Centers





    • Residential Facilities including:

    • Dormitories

    • Multi-Family Housing

    • Congregate Housing

    • Special Needs Housing

    • Religious Structures

    • Community Centers

    • Dining and Kitchen Facilities

    • Hospitals

    • Medical Facilities

    • Offices

    • Resorts

    • Zoological Gardens

    • Transportation Centers

    • Commercial Spaces

    Selected Projects


    St. John’s Church, Newton, MA

    Master plan and phased renovations for the renewal of this historically-significant English Gothic masonry church originally designed by Henry Vaughan. Research on the evolution of the structures over time, including the addition of fellowship hall, kitchen and dining, meeting rooms and day care.


    Renovations to 43 West Street for the Liturgical Apostolate Center

    Repairs and renovations to a five-story brick Bulfinch building, one of the few remaining intact in Boston, to accommodate a convent, artisans’ workshops, display and sales space, and meeting rooms and chapel for the community.


    Adaptive Reuse of the Historic Odd Fellows Hall, Lynn, MA

    Historic restoration of the masonry exterior, adaptive reuse of the interior for housing, commercial space and community facilities. Work for review by the Mass Historic Commission.


    Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading, MA

    Master Plan, renovation and expansion of the historically significant stone church, renovation of adjacent wood-frame structures for community classrooms and meetings, and the addition of a new assembly hall with commercial kitchen.


    Adaptive Reuse of Six Masonry Structures for NCCI Gardner

    $17M renovation of six historically significant Victorian-era masonry buildings to serve a population of 1,000, with dormitories, program and recreation spaces, kitchen and dining, and administration.


    St. Theresa’s Church, Chapel, and Hospitality Pavilion, West Roxbury

    Renovation of the stone Gothic church and chapel, and the addition of a cast stone and glass pavilion providing a versatile entry space for hospitality and arrival, music performance and accessibility to the church and chapel.


    St. Patrick’s Church, Brockton, MA

    An international-award winning interior renewal of this masonry neo-classical church serving a diverse community.


    Renovation of Plant Court, Jamaica Plain

    $8.1M construction, new and rehab for 45 units of publicly-funded family housing; preservation of original oval greenspace as the focal outdoor gathering space. First subsidized housing development in the state to receive an EnergyStar rating for energy conservation.


    St. James the Greater Church, Boston

    Renovation of the downtown parish church; relocation and reconstruction of detailed masonry archway from the rectory, purchased by Tufts/NEMC.


    St. Anthony’s Church, Revere

    Renovation and ExpansionAddition of Classroom and Chapel Wing, integrated with the existing Italian Romanesque stone church.


    Master Plan for Georges Island, Boston Harbor

    The master plan investigated the existing conditions of the site and structures, interpretive resources and programs, visitor and staff services, and schematic alternatives for the enhancement of the island experience for visitors, and the preservation of significant buildings and landscapes.


    Isle de Sol Resort Hotel and Center for Boaters, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

    Development master plan for a man-made island, including hotel with lobby atrium, waterway to receive hotel ferry boats, seaside condominiums, welcome center and rest facilities for visiting boaters.


    Cabo da Roca Oceanfront Resort and Housing, Sintra, Portugal

    Master planning for the development of a dramatic coastal site, with small clusters of housing around shared courtyards, hotel, a golf course, and beach access; protection of the majority of the site in its natural state, working with surveys of vegetation to safeguard rare species.


    Brick Marketplace, Newport

    An award-winning mixed-use waterfront development, with commercial and public space at the ground level, and living space above.



    College of Visual and Performing Arts, UMass Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA

    Renewal and relocation of the Arts College and Galleries to the historically significant Starr Building in downtown New Bedford. Program, criteria for renovation, and development of RFP for turn-key construction, successfully implemented.


    List Art Center & Galleries, Brown University

    A multi-functional museum and arts building that includes galleries, classrooms, lecture halls, auditorium, and studio space. The Center is located on the crest of College Hill, and the triangular jags of the roof-line, with skylights to galleries and studios, are a dramatic element in Providence’s skyline. Designed in joint venture with Philip Johnson.


    The Jewish Museum, New York

    The preeminent museum in this country devoted exclusively to the scope and diversity of 4,000 years of Jewish art and culture.


    Community Center Adaptive Reuse COPA/Cambridge

    Organization of Portuguese Americans. Conversion of a three-story masonry furniture building for new agency offices and community center for this social services organization.


    St. Mary of the Assumption Church & Parish Center, Hull, MA

    Master Plan, Renovations and Expansion Preservation and renovation of this Spanish-style structure to serve as consolidated community gathering and worship space, joining three Hull parishes into one.


    St. Mary’s Church, Holliston, MA

    Historic Restoration of the exterior of this wood Gothic church, and of ornate decorative painting; expanded gathering space and accessibility improvements.


    Lego Headquarters, Boston

    Interior renovation of an historic Dutch-style masonry rowhouse on Newbury Street in Boston, for research and development and administration, with Lego labs and displays.


    Building Envelope Renovations and Repairs

    Repairs to deteriorated masonry, replacement of lintels and flashing, and new fenestration at over two hundred units of occupied publicly subsidized family housing.


    Southwest Campus High School, Boston, MA

    An award-winning high school serving 2,000 students and the community, designed as an environmental sciences magnet school. Work with the Audubon Society to identify and map habitats and wildlife, and to preserve important wetlands and natural features.


    Student Housing, Administration Building, Library and Auditorium, Fitchburg State College

    New women’s dormitory, new student apartments and common areas, renovations of men’s dormitories, and new structures for the campus administration, library and auditorium.


    Student Center Renovations & Additions, Bristol Community College

    The consolidation of student services within a renovated and expanded student center. Renovations and new atrium at cafeteria and kitchen.


    New Student Center at Hellenic College, Boston, MA

    Design of a new campus center as a place to bring together all members of the campus community; dining hall and commercial kitchen, ca-fes, music and art rooms, children’s play areas, meeting and conference space, computer center, and game rooms. Preservation of key campus green areas.


    New Offices and Student Services at Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA

    New masonry-clad steel frame structure added to the existing Commonwealth Center, and overlooking the campus lake. The new facility includes consolidated offices for the Admissions Department, Student Finances Department, and the Enrollment Center, with shared conference space, file and work areas, and reception areas with computer work stations for the public. Work included the renovation of adjacent spaces in the Commonwealth Center, to link and coordinate the existing functions with the new.




    Executive Office Building, Danvers, MA

    A new three-story office structure with tenant offices bordering a full height sunlit atrium entry space. Economy of construction, with EIS exterior, energy conservation, and simplicity of construction combined with a dramatic entry and highly functional spaces.


    Perini Construction Corporation Headquarters Office Building Framingham, MA

    Two-stories of offices grouped around an exterior courtyard, serving as the main headquarters for the Perini Corporation.


    Wellesley Office Park, Building Number Three, Wellesley, MA

    A new three-story office structure with aluminum and glass clad exterior, cited by Beacon, the developer, as the most efficient office structure they had constructed to date.


    Master Plan for the Renewal of the Lisbon Zoo, Portugal

    Preservation and renewal of the natural forested uplands and lower wetlands to provide ecologically-based zones for animal environments and visitor interpretation, for enhanced animal care and protection, and enhanced visitor experiences.


    Armenian Cultural and Educational Center, Watertown, MA

    An award-winning cultural facility, with lobby gallery for displays, recreation/banquet hall with commercial kitchen, library, classrooms and meeting rooms grouped around a shared outdoor courtyard.


    Pavilion for Pope John Paul ll and Facilities for Celebrants, Boston Common

    Planning, design and construction management for the celebration of the pope’s mass, and all visitor facilities on the Boston Common. Planning included circulation and facilities for thousands of visitors, acco-modations for the media, and for the celebrants, while protecting the landscape and structures of Boston Common.


    Textile Science Building and Exhibit Space at UMass Dartmouth

    Study and schematics for the renovation of the Textile Science Building originally designed by Paul Rudolph, including labs, offices and addition for exhibits on the history of textile manufacturing.


    GoKids at UMass Boston

    Campus renovations for a new children’s center, jointly planned by UMass Boston and Children’s Hospital, for learning, health education and monitoring, fitness and games.


    Recreation Center at Bunker Hill Community College

    A master plan for renovations and expansions to provide a major new recreation facility for the college and the community, including a new center for maintenance facilities, gymnasium and pool, multi-purpose spaces, day care center, and new landscaped circulation paths and out-door gathering spaces.


    Community Center Renovations, Boston

    The reconfiguration and renovation of eight publicly-subsidized community centers, with kitchens and dining, lounges and meeting areas, program and arts spaces, upgraded for accessibility and new programs. Centers serve active and diverse Boston neighborhoods.


    Renovations to St. Francis House, Boston, MA

    Conversion of the Boston Electric Building to a Community Center and Social Services Center for the homeless. Renovated facilities include commercial kitchen and dining for volunteer staff to serve hundreds of free meals daily, program spaces, art rooms, clothing dispensary, barber-shop, first aid, and chapel.


    South Block Complex, Boston City Hospital

    $20M urban mixed-use facility including the school of nursing, apartments, recreation facilities, and rooftop plaza with plantings, gathering space, and pathways.


    New Recreation Building for NCCI Gardner

    $17M renovation of six historically significant Victorian-era masonry buildings and the construction of one new structure, to serve a population of 1,000, with dormitories, program and recreation spaces, kitchen and dining, and the administration building with three stories of offices serving the entire facility.